Collage Project: “Outside Imagination”

Collage Project

The task was to choose 10 things that you personally like and make them into a collage of sorts. I included a library of distorted bookshelves lines with rows of books, a glamorized version of the night sky, an enlarged moon with a clock face, a disproportionate piano sitting upon a chair, a laptop which has a screenshot of my own laptop’s desktop on it, loaves of French bread, a chinchilla, a water fountain, a pocket watch, COWPOD (my USB), and a camera. Note that the camera and piano are facing inwards to draw attention to the centre of the photo with other objects around them so that the observer’s eyes go in a circle around the page and are drawn back to the centre of the image instead of wandering off the page. I also tried to create a feel of symmetry with the piano and the camera both facing inwards and the piano directly in the centre of the four bookshelves.


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