Colour Spot Project

Dandelion Yellow
I chose this photo because of the bright colours of the dandelion so that it could stand out strongly against the grey of the background. The yellow makes the photo have a feel of summer, contrasting to the grey which makes it feel almost like winter.

Kitty Cat Sheldon
This photo is a photo of my dad’s cat named Sheldon. I chose to do this picture because the original photo was well lit but didn’t have as shocking colours as the dandelion. The less obvious colours blend well with the grey background.

Rose on a Rainy Day
This photo is that of a rose looking out the window to see a rainy day. The rose is coloured because roses often symbolize love, and the grey rainy day could symbolize sadness. It’s the contrast of emotion: love, making one feel warm and alive, and sadness, making one feel cold and dead.

The Purple Pole
This photo was taken early in the morning after a rainy night. The lighting and reflections from the leftover water made the pole at the bus stop seem a purple colour. I chose to colour spot this because the purple looks so odd against the grey.

Thin White Line
This photo is from the same rainy day as the purple pole. It is a photo of the white line on the road, tinted purple thanks to the early morning light and still-wet pavement. I chose to do this photo because it’s an asymmetrical shot that appears to be well lit at the top, yet the bottom, the most insignificant detail, the single white line on the road, is what is made to stand out.


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