World Press Photo 2013 Review

World Press Photo Image

What is World Press Photo?
World Press Photo is a non-profit independent organization which is based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, specifically). It was founded in 1955, and it is known for having the world’s largest contest for press photography.

What stood out to you? (It can be anything from location, subject matter, to stories that were told)
What stood out to me was all of the photos of pain. It really shows how sheltered we are here in North America, and how outside of this continent, so many people are in pain from war, loss and hunger.

Which was your favourite series/ photo and why?
I didn’t have a favorite series as I found each of them gave the same strong impact. Each of them showed different sides to the rest of the world, and each was unique. It isn’t possible to pick a favorite.

Would you recommend others to attend World Press Photo?
I would recommend for others to go to the World Press Photo exhibit because I think others need to see the world’s dark sides turned to art. It not only shows us how lucky we are, but it also inspires us to do something to help those who need it.


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