GIF Animation

DigiArt Archive Ad

(Click black rectangle [seen above] to view the GIF)

1. What company did you choose and why?
I chose do my blog because I thought it would be a useful way to attract more people to the site. It showcases the best art pieces on the site and promises more to come, which will keep the audience’s attention and have them check in every once in a while to see the updates.

2. Explain your choice of imagery text and colours- is this in line with the company’s theme colours, mandate, niche market?
The GIF goes from black and white to colour. It begins in black and white because black and white is more memorable to the brain so people will be able to remember the site title better. It ends in black and white as well so that people will remember the website link name better. The middle is all done in colour so that it is visually appealing to the audience so that they will watch the full GIF. The background when the art pieces are being shown is also the background of the site so that it keeps a theme with the site itself and fits in well.

3. What is the idea behind this ad? What ideas are you trying to convey?
The idea is to bring more people in to see my artwork. The words are shown for a longer period of time so that people have longer to register them while the images are shown at a quicker speed so that people won’t be able to see the pictures in full and will want to visit the website to see all the images fully and at the person’s own pace. This is the final idea that brings the piece together as a successful GIF advertisement.


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