Vasemation: A Claymation Project


Vasemation is the story of a few balls of plasticine rolling to the centre of the stage and combining together to create a vase. The pieces started out as balls and slowly transformed into other shapes, which mounted on and merged into each other to create the final product of a vase. Out of the vase, a plasticine flower and a plasticine mushroom grew. The plants proceeded to grow legs (or, in the mushroom’s case, a single leg), and with that, they jumped out of the vase and hopped and/or waddled off screen. The vase, upset because the flowers left, sadly falls over and rolls away.


The story symbolizes the growth of a person into parenthood, and then eventually, the parent letting go of their child once the child is grown up. As a person grows up, they have different influences which mold them into their personality.  This is shown when all the different plasticine “influence” balls come together to form the “adult” vase. Then, to represent the final stages of growth into adulthood, the vase grows tall. The vase then proceeds to grow two flowers, which symbolizes a parent raising its children. The flowers then leave the vase and walk off the screen, symbolizing how children eventually go on to make their own lives, “leaving the nest” so to speak (or in this case, leaving the vase). The vase is left on its own now, showing that its work is complete, and sadly rolls off the scene. This could represent how sometimes parents are forgotten by their children, which is a sad reality. It could also represent how the parent is sad that their job in parenting is complete and that they will miss it. In the first case, the vase leaving could symbolize death. In the second case, the vase leaving could symbolize the parent moving on to do something else once their most lengthy task (parenting) is complete.

Creation Process:

The creation process of Vasemation began when we were assigned the task of creating a short stop motion animation. In order to create it, we storyboarded the idea and then set to work on the creation. We intended to make a black and white background in order to let the colours of the plasticine stand out, but after printer difficulties, the background turned out pink. We then went to shoot the photographs, but we found that the lighting from the room caused reflections on the paper. To solve this problem, we set up a makeshift tarp: a yellow blanket. This caused the lighting in the film to be yellow and uneven, but it was the best we could do given the circumstances. Once the photographs were complete, we tried on multiple movie making platforms to create the final film, in the end using Sony Vegas to string the photographs together.


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